USB Rechargeable Lighter

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Classic Chrome


Tired of flickering lighters? Running out of fuel on that very last candle? Ditch your plastic lighters for life, and simply make the low waste swap with the Rechargeable USB lighter. 

Your Impact

Did you know, the average person uses 25 lighters per year? According to Recycling Council of Ontario, "1.5 Billion Lighters are used a year. Lighters are often never recycled or repurposed" 




How To Use

1. Simply push the on button upward, then hold down on the power button

2. When power is low, the arc will become thinner and the spark extinguished.

3. Each fully charged would take two hours. The indicator light when charging, fully charged will automatically turn off.

4. Connect the USB charging cable with a computer or mobile phone charger power port (3.7V-500MA) for charging. Do Not Use while charging

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