About us

Founder & CEO of Ecovana Retail Inc.

I'm Andrea Descargar, and I'm on a mission to make a positive impact on our planet. My journey into environmental advocacy was sparked by my extensive experience in waste management. Having witnessed firsthand the challenges our planet faces, I am fueled by a deep passion for sustainable living and eco-conscious choices.

Throughout my career in waste management, I gained valuable insights into the environmental challenges our world is confronting. This experience has not only sharpened my understanding of the intricate issues surrounding waste but has also ignited a fervent commitment to finding innovative solutions.

My aspiration is to bridge the gap between awareness and action. I believe that every small change contributes to a more sustainable future, and I am dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to make informed choices for the well-being of our planet.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am a new mom, Canadian, creative entrepreneur (Aquarius), humanitarian, nature enthusiast and a firm believer in the transformative power of education. I am committed to sharing knowledge about sustainable practices, waste reduction, and the importance of embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

I am so excited to be apart of your sustainable journey, in whichever way I can help. I look forward to making change together. Let's cultivate a world where our actions today positively shape the landscapes of tomorrow.

Thank you for being a part of this meaningful adventure!

With sincere gratitude, 
Andrea Descargar

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Our Values & Commitment.


Our packaging is designed, recycled, and printed ethically in Canada. We even reuse packaging from our suppliers to pack your orders. We believe in small changes making a big difference.
"Packaging is the largest contributor to plastic pollution around the globe. Only 9% of recyclables actually are recycled." We aim to set the standards for other brands to rethink their carbon footprint by designing sustainable packaging we can dispose of guilt-free.


All defective, and damaged products are recycling in an industrial facility to ensure it has zero negative impact on our environment and landfills. They are shredded into plastic regrind forms to be reused by the next end user, creating new products. 

Zero Waste Production Scrap: "Practically Perfect" items

We sell our dish soap scraps, and other production waste at a bulk discount. These products are not defective by function, but they just aren't as pretty as the ones on a retail shelf. 

Ethical and Sustainable Manufacturers only

We spend a great deal of our resources to thoroughly vet our manufacturers and suppliers prior to creating and selecting new products. We have spent 1.5 years prior to launch of testing, and research to narrow down the best fit suppliers. Our product manufacturers require a tour facility and video call to learn who is behind the scenes of creating our products. We stretch all options in choosing suppliers prior to selection.

    What we look for when vetting manufacturers/suppliers:

    • What do you do with any excess off production material? 
    • What are your sustainable practices and brand values? 
    • Can you ship and package our products as plastic-free as possible? 

    Our Guidelines

    All partners, manufacturers, and suppliers require the following. No exceptions:

    • Animal cruelty-free 
    • Eco-friendly practices 
    • Fair wages 
    • Full transparency of origin of materials.
    • Certification required for organic cotton claims.
    • Health Canada Certifications