Seven Grain & Lentil 8.8 oz

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Wholesome rice and lentil dishes can now be cooked quickly with our nourishing, 100% organic seven grain and lentil single-serving sides. They cook in the microwave for just 90 seconds. Made with a premium blend of long-grain rice, quinoa, wheat berries, bulgar, brown lentils, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, they're rich in both fiber and protein and they taste great. Cooking healthy has never been easier.

What’s in it: a select blend of organic grains, organic extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

What’s not in it: pesticides or preservatives. It’s all good: This product is organic and non-GMO. Made in Germany. Ingredients: ater, organic long grain white rice, organic wheat berries, organic white quinoa, organic red quinoa, organic red rice, organic wild rice, organic whole wheat bulgar (precooked durum wheat), organic brown lentils, organic Italian extra virgin olive oil, sea salt. Servings: 1, Serving size: 1 pouch (249g).