Myni Cleaning Tablets

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cleaning just got waaaaay easier

1. Fill your 750 ml spray bottle with water.

2. Insert your tablet.

3. Close your bottle before use.

🌿 Compost the package after use.

Where to use?

✔️ Kitchen: Polish cabinets, Deep clean inside your appliances and Clean the countertop.

To clean your stainless steel appliances, please use the stainless steel cleaner.

✔️ Diner room: Wash safely the table, but also your chairs!

✔️ Living room: Wash the table base, children's toys and other furniture and surfaces.

✔️ Bedroom furniture

Ingredients: Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium coco-sulfate, House scent 

🍋 zest fest : real fest of lemon and mint

🥭 passion punch : sweet grapefruit and mango punch

☁️ unscented : simply no odor

🌟 holy spices : cinnamon and star anise blend.