RCO Member

What does being a member of Recycling Council of Ontario mean?

We are constantly learning differences we can make and share with our audience to reduce and divert waste. This base helps us make educated decisions when it comes to product development. 

Benefits of our active membership include: 

  • Opportunity to network with government of all levels, environmental non-profits, environmental consultants, industry, and more.
  • RCO acts as a clearinghouse for information from government, industry and other organizations. This current information is made available to Ecovana on an on-going basis. 
  • MULTI-SECTORAL PERSPECTIVES ON CURRENT ISSUES: We bring together representatives from a variety of sectors (government, industry, non-for-profits, individuals etc.) in a neutral, informal setting conducive to learning about the issues and concerns of other stakeholders.

  • Members have input into how RCO adapts its policies to a changing world and changing government perspectives.

For more information about the Recycling Council of Ontario, please visit: https://rco.on.ca/about/